TF Sui Celebrates Baloch Cultural Day

Baloch are full of cultural traditions and have strong grip on their customs, values, belief, languages and lifestyle. The Baloch people possess a rich artistic tradition encompassing unique painting styles, intricate embroidery, and masterful weaving.

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, TF Sui celebrated Baloch Cultural Day with great excitement. The day was all about honoring Baloch traditions and heritage. Students came dressed in colorful Balochi attire, showcasing beautiful Balochi embroidery. They performed traditional dances like “chaap” with joy and enthusiasm. Boys wore embroidered jackets and long white turbans, while girls dazzled in brightly embroidered clothes and stunning jewelry.

The school featured many stalls offering delicious Balochi cuisine, allowing everyone to savor the flavors of Baloch culture. Students also presented tableaus, sharing insights into Baloch history and customs. The school was adorned with banners and posters depicting life in Baluchistan, adding to the festive atmosphere. Overall, it was a vibrant celebration that celebrated the richness of Baloch culture.