TF management monitors all TF Schools

The monitoring team of TF Head Office paid surprise visits to all TF Grammar Schools in Balochistan from 12th to 20th October 2022. The team comprised Ms. Shagufta Noreen (COO), Ms. Sana (Manager HR), Mr. Farooq Azam (Manager Services) and Mr Imran Khalil (Graphic Designer).

The objectives of this Annual Monitoring Visit are to review schools’ progress (student-teacher evaluation) toward meeting the academic, management and organizational standards and to provide the school with feedback on its progress/status that may be helpful to the school as it determines how best to improve its standard. 

The main focus of this visit was to assess the quality of learning being provided by the schools and to encourage the teachers and students on their progress and hard work. The information from this visit provides policy-makers and education managers with evidence about their education system’s achievements and gaps needing improvement.