TF Kohlu School Syndicate Meeting

The School Syndicate meeting of TF Grammar School Kohlu was convened on 8th June 2023 to discuss and address several crucial issues pertaining to the school’s administration and facilities. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Jaffar, Deputy Commissioner Kohlu/Chairman School Syndicate. Miss. Waheeda Nasreen, Principal TF Kohlu, Mr. Abdul Sattar, A.C Kohlu, Dr. Asghar Ali Marri, M.S DHQ Kohlu, Mrs. Kalsoom Bibi, DDEO, Mr. Asghar Zarkoon from C&W Kohlu attended the meeting.

The meeting started with recitation from the Holy Quran. After the formal introduction of all the members, the Chairman welcomed the participants in the first meeting of School Syndicate.

The chair briefed the participants about formation and responsibilities of school syndicate. He further stated that TFGSS is a legacy of the bureaucracy and is an icon of merit and excellence in the promotion of education in such like tough and challenging tribal set up. The Principal TFGS briefed the participants about history and achievements of the school. She also informed that the Alumni of this institute are serving the country in all walks of life. It is also a pride for the institution that Lt Shaheed Jahangeer Marri was adorned with the jewel of education by this school. The chair and all the participants acknowledged and appreciated the role of TFGSS in the field of education in Balochistan. The chair specially recognized and applauded the selfless efforts and dedication of the Principal and all her staff for maintaining the greatest standards of quality education.

The  agenda of the meeting was included the change in members of the Syndicate, the electricity issue, provision of library books and water cooler, and the possibility of offering secondary classes for female students after passing 8th grade. While perusal of the school syndicate notification, it revealed to the participants that some of the members had been transferred from Kohlu, thus needing replacement. It was decided that Chairman BOD will be requested to revise the subject notification by replacing the transferred members with Dr. Shah Wali, Child Specialist and Mrs. Kalsoom Bibi DDEO(F) Kohlu.

The Chair was told that the district lacks educational facilities for higher classes and particularly for female students as the male students mostly go to Punjab after passing 8th class but the female students hesitate to go to other provinces for higher classes. It was also informed that till 2005 the school was providing educational facilities till Matric. The syndicate requested the higher management of TFGSS through this meeting to accommodate girls by starting Matric classes again.  In this way the girls of this backward district may get a golden opportunity of quality education and their talent may be saved from being spoiled.

In conclusion, the School Syndicate meeting was marked by constructive discussions and proactive decision-making. The chairman school syndicate, in collaboration with the other members, demonstrated a commitment to address the school’s pressing issues and work towards an enhanced educational environment.