TF joins hands with District Education Authority, Rajanpur to Uplift Education Standards

In a pioneering move to elevate educational standards in South Punjab, Taaleem Foundation, the EdTech partner of School Education Department of South Punjab, is extending its services to government schools in the region. On 18th January 2024, Ms Shagufta Noreen Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Taaleem Foundation visited some government high schools in District Rajanpur to explore and implement new technology interventions in collaboration with Dr Akhtar Bandeshah – a senior cardiac surgeon at Islamabad who hails from Rajanpur.

The COO, accompanied by Dr. Anis Farooqi, a distinguished community elder, Ms. Sahibzada Jahangeer, and Mr. Javed Qureshi from the District Education Office engaged in a series of meetings with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the District Education Authority, Rajanpur and the respective school principals.

During these deliberations, the team discussed innovative approaches to integrate technology into the classrooms, aiming to enhance the overall learning experience for the students. The discussions also focused on strategies to overcome challenges specific to the education landscape in South Punjab.

Taaleem Foundation’s commitment to advancing education through technology aligns with the global vision of creating empowered and digitally literate societies. By collaborating with local authorities and educational institutions, Taaleem Foundation aims to bridge the educational gap and provide students in South Punjab with access to cutting-edge resources.

The visit to Rajanpur is a significant step forward in Taaleem Foundation’s mission to democratize education, ensuring that students in the under-served regions have equal opportunities to thrive in the digital age. The collaborative efforts between Taaleem Foundation, community leaders, and government officials underscore the importance of a collective approach in transforming the educational landscape.