TF extends e-School solution to the Government of Punjab

On 18 May, 2023 TF signed a tripartite ‘Project Implementation Agreement’ with School Education Development, Government of Punjab (SED). Rana Saleem Ahmad Khan Secretary, SED, South Punjab and Dr Zafar Qadir, Chairman TF signed the agreement along with Mr. Ayub Shah, representing Rehmat Foundation – the donor of the project.

The agreement highlights the commitment and role of the partnering organizations towards rolling out the EdTech products of Taaleem Foundation, including but not limited to ATALEEK ( The scope extends to spearhead the public-private partnership initiative in education, by allowing private parties to invest in the government schools to upgrade their infrastructure and quality of service delivery.

Through this Agreement, the TF and SED will jointly promote conceptual and interactive learning technologies to increase the enrollment of Out-of-School-Children (OOSC), retain the students enrolled in schools, and enhance the students’ learning outcomes through their exposure to the digital content and related learning resources. Deployment of e-Learning platform, teachers’ training on education technologies, academic coordination of the course coverage, AI-based assessment and need-based support for technology maintenance, along with M&E and reporting are the primary areas of cooperation. The Parties may also collaborate in future in other areas of education, such as school outsourcing, curriculum development, policy research, technology integration, activity-based learning (ABL), multi-grade teaching (MGT)and other curricular as well as co-curricular activities.