TF establishes Temporary Learning Center at Kila Saifullah

Torrential rains and floods affected the schooling of 386,708 students in 33 flood-hit districts of Balochistan, lagging behind other provinces in almost all key social indicators. Floods damaged around 3000 government-run primary, middle and high schools across Balochistan. This has compounded the problems of teachers and students already suffering because of the lack of basic facilities in educational institutions. Taaleem Foundation has taken an initiative by establishing Temporary Learning Center for non-formal schooling at TF Grammar School Kila Saifullah for the kids of flood affected communities on 1st October 2022. Through this initiative the students are provided with free education including stationery, books and copies. These students are studying Urdu, English and Mathematics. By seeing other children studying in the regular school, these kids are becoming more attracted to learning for the first time in their lives. Some of them were not even going to school in their native village or city, but they are studying here with a lot of eagerness.