TF Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

01 June 2024: TF organized a workshop on ‘Women Entrepreneurs Training’ with the kind support of Rehmat Foundation and Career Launchpad in Islamabad. This ground breaking initiative, held from 27th to 31st May 2024, wrapped up with outstanding success, equipping a group of young female graduates from Jahanian (district Khanewal) with vital entrepreneurial skills, who had undergone a number of IT and e-Commerce related courses during the preceding six months.

The workshop aimed at enhancing economic independence of the home-bound women through entrepreneurial skills for using their acquired IT skills, connecting with the opportunities and driving avenues for community progress. Through dynamic hands-on workshop, the participants learnt about the applied knowledge alog with necessary tools and techniques to launch and nourish their own businesses. The five day training workshop featured a blend of activities and sessions, besides actual business insights tailored to the unique challenge & opportunities faced by rural women.

The program’s comprehensive approach not only provided valuable skills but also transformed their mindsets, promoting gender equality and contributing to broader economic and social development. Thanks to Mr Parvez Abbasi and his team at Career Launchpad who provided high quality trainers and made this event a great success.


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