HRCA is an organization arranges activities 

Introduction: HRCA is an organization arranges activities like fine arts competitions, & creative Contests since 2012. It operates in three countries Pakistan, Malaysia, and the USA. (
Science and English Quiz details:
Students from class Nursery to grade 12 were eligible to participate in both categories of English and Science. A curriculum for quiz was shared prior to the competition. The quiz took place in two rounds. 
Elimination round: 20 MCQs in 20 minutes with 90% passing criteria. (handwritten)
Grand Finale: 30 MCQs in 20 minutes. (online)
Participating schools of TF: 
TFGSKohlu and 
Prize winners:
07  medals by students of TFGSSUI.
03 Gold medals 
Abdul Muqsit-2 for Science, 
Abdul Muqsit-2 for English, 
Bhoomika-4 for English
03 Silver medals
Daid-2 for English, 
Riaz-2 for English
Naila -Nursery for English
01 Bronze medals
Bisma-Nursery for English
13 medals by TFGS Loralai:
Silver medals04 
1: Jatin English  Grade:1 Prize: Silver Medal.
2:Musawir: English:Grade:1 Prize:Silver Medal.
3:Talha:science Grade:Prep Prize:Silver Medal.
4:Sania: English:Grade Prep:Prize:silver Medal.
5:Kamil:English:Grade:2 Prize Bronze Medal.
6 :Shahbaz English : Grade 2 Prize Bronze Medal.
7. Abdul Moiz Science : Grade Prep Prize Bronze Medal.
8. Arifa Science : Grade Prep Prize Bronze Medal.
9. Kainat Science : Grade 8 Prize Bronze Medal.
10. Kashaf English: Grade 1 Prize Bronze Medal.
11. Nida English: Grade 1 Prize Bronze Medal.
12. Madiha Science : Grade Prep Prize Bronze Medal.
13. Muhammad English :Grade 2 Prize Broze Medal.