Health and Hygiene Week TF Grammar School, Sui

Besides books there are other activities too which help kids to learn about health-care. Maintaining hygiene in schools and educating kids about health gives them a better chance to live a healthy life. This lesson will provide a variety of fun activities for students to learn and practice hygiene, so they can get into the habit for themselves. Lack of awareness of hygiene’s health benefits contributes to poor health among school children. To educate students on health and hygiene Taaleem Foundation Health Initiative (TFHI) celebrated a Health and Hygiene week in TF Grammar Schools. Today, the ‘Health and Hygiene Week is practiced in TF School Sui to protect their students from germs and infectious diseases. Through Art-cards and colorful paintings kids are taught how to take care of their health and what measures should be done on regular basis. Through these activities young kids are able to learn some basic basic good habits in a fun way like washing hands, taking shower, keeping home clean, Brush and Floss, and the use of dustbin.