CEO Visits TF School at Mastung

11 March  2023 РMr Asim Mushtaq РCEO of TF visited the Mastung Campus of Taaleem Foundation along with Mr Khalid Rizwan РHead of Operations (SEHATSEY) and Mr Bakhat Karam, Manager Operations (SEHATSEY). During the visit, Mr. Asim Mushtaq met with students, teachers, and school management to discuss the challenges of the school and to understand their perspectives. The CEO emphasized on the use of innovative technology for teaching and learning. He also discussed the enrollment issues, drop outs, etc to find appropriate measures.

He was pleased to observe the level of dedication and commitment of the students and staff in making the school a better learning environment.  However, the school was facing some difficulties in enrolling new students due to the limited resources available. The CEO noticed that the school has been playing a commendable role in this area, and he provided some practical advice to the school to help them in this endeavor.