Annual Principals Meeting (APM )

APM is an annual feature of Taaleem Foundation where all the management and academic head get together to review the past and plan for the coming session. This year the meeting was convened at TF Grammar School Sui, district Dera Bugti in Balochistan during the third week of February.

Ms. Shagufta Noreen, Chief Operating Officer chaired the meeting. She was assisted by Ms. Khajista Sikandar, Manager HR. All Principals of TF Grammar School System actively participated in discussions related to policy review, performance review, academic review and future planning.

On Monday, the 14th of Feb, all TF Principals visited TFGS Sui, which scored the top position during the preceding year. All principals congratulated the Sui School administration for their team work, dedication and outstanding performance.

On Tuesday, the 15th of Feb, the CEO led the discussion on academic planning for the year 2022. All principals proactively participated in the discussion and shared their goals, targets and plans for the upcoming session.

On Wednesday, the 16th of Feb, conclusive session of the APM was convened under the leadership of COO. The agenda included the review of existing policies, performance of schools/teachers/students, academic content/calendar and future planning. The day-long deliberations culminated in the following set of recommendations:

  1. Simplifying the banking processes to avoid delay in timely payment of salaries to staff.
  2. Waiving off admission fee for all students seeking admission to TF Grammar School System this year, with a view to help communities who suffered from COVID related drop in their family income.
  3. Inducting competent professional teachers on nation-wide open merit even if we have to make some extra investment in facilitating their stay with us.
  4. Focusing on students-concentric school policies for their physical, mental, emotional and intellectual growth in a balanced manner.
  5. Professional staff development through refresher courses and related training.
  6. Technology integration in delivering academic content to students, by way of exposing them more to interactive learning tools and techniques.
  7. Continuation of the existing prescribed books of curriculum for this year as well.
  8. Following the agreed curriculum with defined patterns and parameters.
  9. Expanding the IT infrastructure in the schools having more students population.
  10. Adding 2 more e-Labs in TFGS Mastung, Sui and Zhob early this year.
  11. Inculcating the spirit of inquisitiveness and creativity among students of all ages.
  12. Encouraging co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at schools.
  13. Collecting and sharing intellectual/creative inputs from teachers/students for quarterly magazine of the organization.

As a special agenda item, COO discussed with the Principals about the possibility of upgrading our schools by adding a campus of Virtual University of Pakistan. She briefed them about the recent negotiations held with the management of VU and sought their assistance in facilitating the same. The Principals were receptive of the idea and committed their utmost support and facilitation to achieve this milestone.

The COO also encouraged the Principals of all schools to look for the possibility of adding vocational training institute on campus.