TF to rolls out e-School Solution in South Punjab

03 June 2023 – Khanewal: In a significant effort to address the prevailing gaps in educational service delivery, TF has partnered with the School Education Department of South Punjab to roll out its e-School solution to 08 schools in Jahanian tehsil of district Khanewal. The project is financed by the Rehmat Foundation.

This is an ambitious project spearheaded by the School Education Department of South Punjab and aims to bridge the gap between traditional classrooms and the digital era. With the increasing importance of technology in education, this initiative seeks to provide students with equitable access to high-quality education resources and creates a more inclusive learning environment.

The launch of e-Schools has generated great excitement among students, parents, and educators alike. The teachers expressed their appreciation for the convenience and flexibility offered by the e-school platform, which allows students to access educational resources anytime and anywhere.

These e-Schools will set a precedent for other regions to follow, demonstrating the immense potential of technology in revolutionizing education. As the e-school gains momentum, the district authorities envision expanding its reach and impact, ultimately paving the way for a new era of education in the target area and beyond.