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Head Office
TF Basement, State Life Building #05, Nazimuddin Road, F-6/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
+92 51 2827797/98
Liaison Office
2nd Floor Firdousi Building, Rustum G-Lane Jinnah Road, Quetta, Pakistan
+92 81 2822481

Regional Office
ARC Building, 88-A, Chaman Housing Scheme, Airport Road, Quetta.
+92 300 8388945

Contact Schools

Zareef Khan Memorial School (ZMS), Nowshehra

Tarkha Village is adjacent to village Ali Shah (the birthplace of Dr. Zareef Khan). It is a privilege for ZKF to be able to open a branch of its school in Tarkha in a purpose built building.

School was opened on 06 April 2009 and till date, 132 children are admitted in Nursery (age 4) to class 4 (age 9). In April 2012, the new year term will start with one step rise of each class. Hence the senior most class will be 5th.

Ten women were invited to attend fifty contact hours of BASIC TEACHER TRAINING in the Tarkha branch building from 21 to 30th March 2009. Five of the best trained teachers were / are selected for the job. At present there are nine female teachers who are providing top class education. Four staff members are in the administration.

Since 2004, the school has opened a ZMS building fund account in the bank. Local and foreign fund raising activity is in progress for grants and donations towards the aim of purchasing a block of land and constructing its own building. The opening of the service road in front of the school building for public buses has made the present location too inconvenient, noisy and risky for the children. Sr. Kennedy had raised nearly A$ 60,000 from her family and Convent in Australia. Equal amount is donated by the President of the ZKF.

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