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Head Office
TF Basement, State Life Building #05, Nazimuddin Road, F-6/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
+92 51 2827797/98
Liaison Office
2nd Floor Firdousi Building, Rustum G-Lane Jinnah Road, Quetta, Pakistan
+92 81 2822481

Regional Office
ARC Building, 88-A, Chaman Housing Scheme, Airport Road, Quetta.
+92 300 8388945

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TFGS Pishin



01 School Unit

250 Students


Hours spent by our children in school

About Pishin

Pishin was a part of Quetta Pishin district. In 1975 it was separated from Quetta for administrative reasons. It derives its name from the locality Pishin. Pishin is a modernised form of ‘Pushang’, which is old Persian for the Arabic Fushang. The population of Pishin District was estimated to be over 500,000 in 2005, with over 90% of the population being Pashtun. Pishin has a very good soil for production of good quality apple, cherry, almond, grapes, and plums. Pishin is only 45 kilometers away from Quetta.

About TFGS Pishin

Taaleem Foundation established a branch in the District of Pishin in the year 1994. The school was established immediately after the control of the building was transferred to the foundation. The school has the capacity to accommodate over 500 students.

The school is equipped with the best educational facilities such as computer laboratory, library, science labs, etc. The school has completed 19 years of providing quality education to the residents of Pishin.


The building has 14 classrooms, a staff room and a multi purpose hall. Moreover, it has two spacious houses, four apartments and a 16 room hostel for unmarried staff. The school is located in a serene environment at the entry point of Pishin town.

Established in 1994
Total Students 250
Total Teachers 18
Support Members 6
Principal Ms. Farkhanda Jabeen
Phone 082-6420606