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Head Office
TF Basement, State Life Building #05, Phase 01, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact Person
Ms. Fakhira Khanam - CEO
+92 51 2827798

Liaison Office
2nd Floor Firdousi Building, Rustum G-Lane Jinnah Road, Quetta, Pakistan
+92 81 2822481

Regional Office
ARC Building, 88-A, Chaman Housing Scheme, Airport Road, Quetta.
+92 300 8388945

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As is evident, there is no dearth of technological solutions to support high quality formal schooling in today’s world. Hence, investing more in developing heavy physical infrastructure and deploying a very large number of teaching professionals may not really make sense any longer. Taaleem Foundation therefore embarks upon optimal utilization of its existing facilities, wherever possible and adding high value by delivering lectures through competent professionals at the back-end, using high resolution e-content in the mainstream education. This e-Schooling option would not only substantiate the curriculum but would also improve quality of education at the grass roots level.

Keeping pace with the technological advancement in the world, Taaleem Foundation is currently involved in the process of rolling out e-Learning platforms at all its schools / outlets powered by solar energy solutions. This entails extensive R&D in curriculum up-gradation, development of e-content, deployment of IT and telecom related infrastructure at each outlet and conducting classes through video-streaming and a combination of on-line / off-line / face-to-face contact lessons for each class. Setting up back-end technological facilities with heavy servers and classroom studio is an integral part of the package. Following is the deployment architecture of TF e-Schooling model:

Teachers’ training on use of technology-rich audio-visual aids linked up with e-Testing needs special attention. Hence, training of faculty members, supervisors and the lab staff remains an on-going process, supervised by effective academic coordination support at the back-end.

Taaleem Foundation is also in the process of offering under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate courses to the rural communities of Sui (District Dera Bugti) in Balochistan in collaboration with the Virtual University Lahore. Upon successful launch, the experiment will be gradually replicated in the remaining locations of TF Grammar School System.